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Cable Suspended

1/16” aircraft cable suspension system. Fixtures can be static down-lights: Direct, static up-lights: Indirect, or Rotational (see CSR below). Standard and custom power cord finishes, sleeve options, and canopy colors offer options to match almost any space.  Stainless steel cables come in various lenghts (4’ is standard) and are field adjustable.

Available on all fixtures


Cable Suspended Rotational

Using a similar setup to the Cable Suspended system above, the Cable Suspended - Rotational system has 360 degree rotational capcity with mechanical fasteners to lock fixtures in place if desired.  This system offers incredible flexibility, light direction control, and a dynamic aesthetic.


Cable Suspended Vertical

Using a similar setup to the Cable Suspended system above, the Cable Suspended Vertical uses a 1/16" aircraft cable suspension system. Selected fixtures may be Cable Suspended Vertically, creating an alternative design aesthetic. This mounting option can be used to design pendant fixtures.


Rotational Arm Mount

This system uses 1/2” to 5/8” diameter aluminum arms and subtle details in combination with 360° rotational capacity to create some of the most versatile linear fixtures in the architectural market.  Standard mounting uses 3-O mud rings (supplied by others) or a 1” optional trim ring for furniture mounted applications.  Engineered with no visible fasteners, smooth rotation, and mechanical locking, the RAM system reveals an impressive aesthetic with exceptional versatility.


Asymmetric Mount

Lumium has designed a unique mounting configuration wherein the fixture is balanced from an off-center mounting point, creating a balance between dynamic tension and minimalistic beauty.  Adjustable counterweighting enables the fixture to be optimized to the desired angle, and creates a sense of visual intrigue.  For applications in which lateral stability is required, such as environments with air conditioning currents, a rigid tube mount is available.  This mounting option also allows integral ballast or driver options on the “1” series fixtures with standard LED or T5 lamps.

The Asymmetric Mount is offered in both static and rotational configurations. The counterweight may be adjusted to create a variety of creative and unique appearances from horizontal to angled.


Rigid Tube Rotational


Cable Suspended

Cable Suspended Rotational


The Worm Drive is offered for all asymmetric fixtures. The machined aluminum knob installed on one end of the fixture controls the counter weight position, allowing asymmetric fixtures to hang at a desired vertical angle.


Surface Mount

(Ceiling Mount or Wall Mount - CM or WM): Fixtures mount directly to the surface. Ceiling or Wall Mount specification denotes the power feed hole location(s). Optional stand-offs allow for fixtures to be mounted from 1/2” to 12” as well as custom lengths if needed.


End Surface Mount

Wall or Ceiling Mount. Fixtures are mounted from their ends onto the wall using standard 3-O rings.  An aircraft cable suspension system will be issued if the fixtures are longer than 2 feet, if needed.


Recessed Linear

Recessed Mounting. The fixtures come with full-length flanges to be fastened to the existing surface.  Once installed, the flanges are mudded over for a seamless integration into the ceiling.


Continuous Run

Continuous runs are available with all fixtures and have several connection options.  Single Seam continuous run options offer smooth section transitions while Component Seams lend to a more dramatic visual statement.  The 360 (degree symbol) Rotational option enables individual sections to rotate independently of each other, which offers adjustable asymmetric light distribution capacity along with striking appearances such as alternating up/down fixtures or spiral transitions.  The flexibility within the rotational option makes for infinite design and functional possibilities.

Cont. Run-Component Seam

Single Seam option uses a proprietary coupling system that tightly draws fixture sections together employing an ingenious internal locking mechanism, accessed from the topside of the luminaire. With a standard hex key, the process is simple, quick, and precise every time. This results in a visually clean and uninterrupted continuous run that appears seemingly seamless.

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